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As the leading fresh produce trading platform in South Africa, we challenge the status quo in everything we do. We embrace transparency while ensuring confidentiality. 

We foster trust while offering new experiences that enhance the efficiency of buyers and sellers alike. We enable fresh produce marketing channels that you can rely on, from gate to plate.

HISTORY | Where it started

We started the first virtual trading platform for fresh produce in South Africa, the Farm Gate Trading Platform (FGX), in 2010. Since then, the original FGX business has evolved to include the management and operation of physical fresh produce markets in Limpopo, Mpumalanga and Gauteng, while retaining our technology market leadership through our proprietary Freshlinq trading software. Today, our vision is to be the most advanced, trusted, and user-friendly fresh produce trading platform in the South African market.

BUSINESS MODEL | Brand Structure

Freshlinq Direct

We facilitate consignment-based direct trading through the agency model.

This channel typically entails fresh produce being sourced from the producer and either transported directly to the buyer or routed via staging facilities.

Freshlinq Markets

We manage & operate private fresh produce markets in Limpopo, Gauteng and Mpumalanga. These markets operate on the traditional agency model, where producers supply fresh produce on consignment to the market agents, who sell these products to buyers on behalf of the producer.

Freshlinq Express

We shorten the supply chain by bringing the end consumer and producers closer to each other, resulting in significant savings for consumers and better prices for producers.

Freshlinq Hubs

Freshlinq’s existing fresh produce market facilities have been designed with the capacity to ultimately also act as distribution centres for the fulfilment of direct trades.


Freshlinq’s leadership is made up of industry veterans who are passionate about improving South Africa’s fresh produce trading process. 


Theo Botha

Managing Director


Jacques Botha

Finance Executive


Dirk Ackerman

Technology Executive


Freshlinq is owned by key stakeholders in the fresh produce industry in South Africa. Freshlinq’s partners include: