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Freshlinq currently manages and operates fresh produce markets in Limpopo (Polokwane and Mooketsi), Mpumalanga (Mbombela / Nelspruit) and Gauteng (Vaal Triangle). These markets operate on the same trusted principles as traditional fresh produce markets. Farmers supply produce on consignment to market agencies, these agencies sell the produce to market buyers on commission, while never taking ownership of the produce. This model supplies a low-cost, effective marketing channel for producers and buyers of fresh produce.

Our service offering differs from traditional fresh produce markets in that our premises are professionally managed and provide our customers with the best value for their money. Freshlinq facilities deliver a superior customer experience by providing efficient service in immaculate, safe and hygienic facilities. Visit any of our facilities to experience this value first-hand.

5 Kalsiet St, Polokwane Ext 12,
Polokwane, 0700

Manager Name
Raymond Hattingh

Contact Details
+27 15 110 0922

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Corner R36 and Jachtpad,

Manager Name
Anton Rautenbach

Contact Details
 +27 15 013 0377

W3W frost.lights.soldiers

Corner R104 & Dr Enos Mabuza Dr,

Manager Name
Johan Oosthuizen

Contact Details
+27 13 110 1134

W3W sprightly.interval.jumpy

Corner Edison Blvd and Muir St, Vanderbijlpark C. E. 6,
Vanderbijlpark, 1911

Manager Name
Johan du Plooy

Contact Details
+27 16 110 0650

W3W december.taking.taps

24 Klein Street,
Louis Trichardt

Manager Name
Raymond Hattingh

Contact Details
+27 15 110 0922

W3W overnight.breed.montage

86 Dawes Street,
Rustenburg Oos-Einde, Rustenburg

Manager Name
Anton Rautenbach

Contact Details
+27 14 007 5001

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Mon- Fri 5:00 to 11:00
Saturdays 5:00 to 10:00
Public Holidays 5:00 to 10:00


How to register as a Buyer? 
1. Visit your nearest Freshlinq market.
2. Complete a buyer registration form at the cash house.
3. Present a photo identity document such as an RSA ID or Passport.
4. Receive a Freshlinq business partner number along with your Freshlinq tag/card.
5. Begin trading at any Freshlinq market.

How to register as a producer?
1. Contact your nearest Freshlinq market to get in touch with a market agent.
2. Complete a producer registration form.
3. Email the completed producer registration form, together with a copy of your business registration form, proof of bank account and a copy of your identity document to your nearest Freshlinq market. 
4. Arrange with your preferred market agent for product delivery at your preferred Freshlinq market.
5. Begin trading as a Freshlinq producer.

For more information watch our video below