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At Freshlinq we provide modern, effective solutions which rationalise the fresh produce trade and deliver real-time pricing information with total transparency. We enable optimal value-chain efficiency by means of our modern software platform and brick-and-mortar markets.

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Expect a better trading experience. Sign up once, and trade through any of our fresh produce marketing channels. This means you can purchase produce from any Freshlinq market, using the funds available on your Freshlinq user account.

Expect more transparency. You have real-time and direct access to your information, across any of our fresh produce marketing channels, through a single account. This will enable you to track the sale of your produce, in real time. You will also have completely transparent access to prices obtained for any of your produce which is sold through Freshlinq’s channels, including all expenses, levies and costs.

Expect a more flexible system. Give your producers and buyers an exceptional trading experience with the benefit of increased mobility. Book trades from anywhere through multiple channels without being confined to a single market facility.


Direct Trading Channels

(Locally Based)

Freshlinq’s direct marketing channel gives producers and buyers of fresh produce the opportunity to trade produce directly from farm to buyer, using one of Freshlinq’s direct trading agencies.

The benefits include reduced fees (both market authority commission as well as agency commission), peace of mind that your funds are cleared though a verified trust account and a transparent trading platform that supplies up-to-date pricing information and trade reports to all participants in the transaction.

Fresh Produce Markets

Farmers supply produce on consignment to market agencies, these agencies sell the produce to market buyers on commission, while never taking ownership of the produce. This model supplies a low-cost, effective marketing channel for producers and buyers of fresh produce.

Our service offering differs from traditional fresh produce markets in that our premises are professionally managed and provide our customers with the best value for their money. Freshlinq facilities deliver a superior customer experience by providing efficient service in immaculate, safe and hygienic facilities. Visit any of our facilities to experience this value first-hand.

Express Trades

Freshlinq Express Trades facilitate trades between producer and end consumer within our existing fresh produce market facilities. This service offering focuses on speed and convenience by providing customers with smaller consignments of fresh produce while still realising significant savings.

The Freshlinq Polokwane market is currently the only market where this service is supplied, but plans are under way to expand this service to our other market facilities.

Freshlinq hubs

(Staging facilities / Distribution centers)

Ultimately, Freshlinq’s fresh produce markets will expand the existing supply chain by serving as staging facilities and distribution centres to enable direct trades. We are currently developing the physical market facility footprint of Freshlinq which will enable us to supply this service to direct trading customers. Although not currently active, exciting developments are underway to realise this vision very soon.

Our Core Enablers

Supplying Pricing Info to the Industry

Utilizing our ground-breaking technology, we are able to collect and share real-time aggregated pricing information based on actual fresh produce transactions conducted across all the fresh produce marketing channels we service.

Efficient Trade Clearing

We have a dedicated trade clearing team whose primary responsibility is the daily processing and clearing of funds. This enables Freshlinq to comply to the APAC requirement of payment to producers within 5 business days.

Best-in-class facilities

Our privately managed facilities are meticulously maintained according to the highest standard of cleanliness which is supported by food safety accreditations.
This guarantees an environment where fresh produce can be purchased with peace of mind.

Cloud Trading Platform

Our market-leading, cloud-based trading platform ensures that you have a single, modern experience, regardless of the channel you are using. This gives all users registered with Freshlinq instant access to any of our fresh produce marketing channels.


If you have any questions regarding direct trading, on-market trading, trade clearing or system support, our team is standing by to help you.